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stalker(s) Julie Fung.|16 years.|April 21 Franklin D. Roosevelt once said "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself." Fantasy > Reality. An escape for a desultory life.

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I hate my life. I hate school. I hate everyone. I hate you all.

6 .a.m on a 10 hour-long road trip with my best friends heading home from the best music festival in the country


Sunset Over Ocean by Nature-Addict


Lovvveee. I miss having wolves in my car


Dragons 2 scribble.

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when books make you cry like fuck you book you’re a stack of paper

Cloud 1 by (Dave Gorman)


being called annoying is literally the worst thing ever because then you’re scared to ever say or do anything again and you end up isolating yourself because you think everyone hates you and you feel insecure about everything. long story short pls dont call people annoying